Sport Venue Lighting

At present, the professional lighting market, represented by stadiums, is speeding up the penetration rate of LED illumination. It also gives a lot of potential market opportunities to companies focused on professional lighting markets. 

According to the Thirteen-Five plan, the state will actively promote sports venues to do sports professional technical services, open venues, fitness services, sports training, competition performances, sports guidance, health management and other sports management services.

According to the statistical data of the LED Research Institute (GGII) of senior engineers, the conservative estimate of “Thirteen-Five” period only the new demand for LED lighting and intelligent control of China sports venues will reach more than 15 billion yuan, at the same time the traditional sport venue lighting led transformation needs about 10 billion yuan. At present, super high-power led floodlight application in sports applications have a very obvious advantage, sports require accurate backlight, small light decline.

The domestic level of environmental lights stops at 120 watts, limiting the size of the light source, in small size more than 200 watts is also a relatively blank field. Undeniably, the super high-power professional lighting typical application area is sports lighting. And now the mainstream of sports lighting products or metal halide lamps, and are doing the international lighting enterprises are not many. Due to the game broadcast and the viewing effect of the spectator, the installation height of the sports illumination and the uniformity of the LED stadium lighting in the stadium are very high.

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