LED Flood Lights for Large Areas

For a site of the day and night need to continue to operate the place, night lighting problem is a very important question to consider.

Because if there is no suitable light at night, it has a great impact on our construction work. At the same time because the general area of the site is very large, so the commonly used light source for the site is not feasible. 

Then the next small series to introduce you, in the end of the site lighting needs of what kind of lights and site lighting requirements. What lights are used in the site lighting for local lighting with ordinary bulbs and movable “work hand lights”; for the general use of small area lighting tungsten for large area lighting, now commonly used “led floodlight”, it generally has 400W and 1000W two more practical, its advantages are: power, but high energy efficiency.

A 1000w led floodlight installed on the elevated frame, its brightness in the range of 1000 square meters, you can find the screws dropped on the ground, so generally now the construction site at night mostly use this light.

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