LED UFO High Bay Light

Description of LED Factory Light:

By making use of suitably-designed industrial lights from multiple fixtures combined with LED factory light can lead to the drastic improvements in productivity and of course, the cost of production. LED high bays for factory enhance contrasts, color rendition and superior uniformity that, in turn, helps minimize eyestrain fatigue and errors, and enhances better productivity. 

  • When choosing factory lighting, the first consideration should be the height of the ceiling. Most factories have higher ceilings than other locations. You should also consider your ceiling type since not all fixtures are compatible with all ceilings. For example, some fixtures are more suitable for drywall ceilings than other fixtures.

Details of LED Factory Light:

Rated Power150W240W
Working VoltageAC100-277V  50-60Hz
LED Quantity110°: 252PCS110°: 252PCS
60°: 252PCS60°: 252PCS
Colour Temperature3000-3500k, 4000-4500k, 5000-5500k, 5500-6500k
Luminous Flux110°: 24500LM110°: 28500LM
60°: 23000LM60°: 27500LM
MaterialsAluminum heatsink,  PC Cover (optical tempered glass cover) or PMMA lens
Beam Angle110°/60°
IP GradeIP65
Package 10.8kg/1pcs/Carton
Carton Size 460*460*250mm
Net Weight 9kg/pcs
Warranty5 years
CertificatesCE, ETL, ROHS

Factory Lighting Levels

Lux is the standard unit of measurement for light level intensity. 1 lux of light is equal to 1 lumen per square meter. It tells us how well a surface is illuminated. A lux measures light intensity as perceived by the human eye. The lux levels for direct sunlight range between 10.8 (twilight) to 120,000 (direct sunlight at noon).

There are different lux levels recommendations for various industrial applications. A lux meter ensures illumination levels are perfect for a task, a space, and the workers.

Below is a table highlighting the recommended lux levels for different industrial settings.

ApplicationRecommended Foot Candles
Fine inspection100-200
Detailed assembly100-150
General assembly50-100
Work area15