LED flood lights

Led flood light is also called projection lights, spotlights, floodlight and so on, mainly used for building decorative lighting use (currently has not reached the function of lighting), the external type has a round also good, because generally have to consider the cause of heat dissipation, so its appearance and the traditional cast light or some differences.

 LED lamps Energy-saving low-carbon environmental protection, for example: The Razorlux led floodlight 30W, instead of the metal halide lamp 70W, electricity-saving rate of 57% Zhihai led floodlight 50W, replacing the metal halide lamp 100W, the power-saving rate of 50% metal halide lamps belong to high gas discharge lamp, light-emitting body area small, light gathered, irradiation distance, penetrating force strong, But the light color is slightly poor, starts slowly, the ultraviolet content is high.

Because of the use of inductive ballast, metal halide lamp of its own high power consumption, start-up instant generated very high start-up current, such as 400w metal halide lamp at the start of the current instantaneous up to about 15A, the impact on the electrical life is very large, often broken air switch facilities, while the ballast itself consumes a lot of electricity, to the user caused huge electricity costs, Speed up the line aging time, led by the use of constant current driver, low power consumption, high power factor, to avoid the above problems.

  LED is called the fourth generation energy-saving lighting products, environmental protection: Mercury-free, UV-free. Energy-saving: high light efficiency, the current mass production to reach 160lm/w. Long life: 70% optical flux maintenance life up to 36,000 hours. 

  Not afraid of vibration, can realize dimming, intelligent control. Stroboscopic is a kind of light pollution, which is caused by the periodic variation of the luminous flux of the point light source with the alternating voltage. Strobe is the “invisible killer” of lighting environment, which can cause myopia and migraine headaches. Halogen flood light is very serious, people’s eyes will feel the flashing light, the human visual system damage is very large. The LED has no strobe, because it turns the alternating current into a DC, and the voltage of the DC does not change periodically.

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