The application of LED high bay lighting is in workshop, warehouse, factory, such as insufficient lighting are most likely to cause accidents. Razorlux’s LED high bay lighting through the secondary light distribution design, will be limited light gathered in effective working face, three kinds of light distribution way, not only can meet the demand of different lighting, ensure workshop, warehouse, workshop and other places of lighting is enough; It can enhance the uniformity of lighting, improve the utilization rate of ground and save energy. It can also reduce light pollution, light intrusion and make lighting be more comfortable.


Location: Teck Resources Limited, Canada

Fact & Figure of Client: Teck (NYSE: TCK), is a Canadian metals and mining company,  it is the world leading and Canada’s largest diversified resource company. Zhihai Genius LED are installed on 24.4meter (80ft) ceiling and cranes, working 24 hours per day, facing the challenges of vibration and heavy dust.

Items: Zhihai 400W Genius LED Pendant Light, ZHGL-400P

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