LED High Bay Lights

Since efficient lighting products promotion, the country’s high power LED mining lamp lighting products into subsidies to promote hearsay, it finally attained policy, long to expect a high power led high bay lights enterprise, is a wedding.

However, in the contact with some high-power LED industrial and high bay lighting enterprises, the author found that they had hidden concerns behind their bidding enthusiasm.

So, what on earth causes the national good policy “big gift package” of high-power LED industrial and mining lamp lighting enterprises in the meantime still have lingering sad mood? It is not difficult to find the answer to this question. It is conceivable that at the present stage, the promotion of high-power high bay lights products is not an easy thing, and the difficulty of promotion is predictable. As is known to all, at present, the market price of high-power LED mining lamp is still high due to factors such as immature products and technologies of high-power high bay led retrofit and opaque market price. And the high price will undoubtedly become the LED lighting product promotion “block”.

It should be said that at this stage of high power high bay light products market has not really established, promotion is still only in government projects and large user more, still find it hard to get people to accept and recognition, few people are willing to spend a few more times price for high power high bay fixtures, even if the government departments and large user of LED high bay light lighting promotion also cannot leave the push of government power, all by consciously force remains weak.

The high bay light fixtures have many fixed ways. General floodlight has absorbed top, embed, condole outfit (use straight pipe or chain) and absorb a wall to wait for a form. Portable local lighting is equipped with corresponding hooks, handles, clamps, etc. Fixed local lighting is usually firmly locked on the working machine with screws or fixed mechanisms.

There is no denying the fact that the current LED lighting products is out several times more expensive than ordinary lighting products price, but, if consider from whole life cycle, high power high bay light led in use process due to the energy saving effect is remarkable factors such as cost savings and relatively long service life, will make high power LED mining lamp lighting products whole life cycle cost is lower than the ordinary lighting products instead. At the same time, the state benefits from energy conservation and emission reduction, significantly reducing the cost of social responsibility.

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