Cost of High Mast Lighting

LED high-mast flood light is widely applied to commercial and industrial areas like mobile tower, airport apron, expressways, sports field, construction site, port, terminals, and more. Having a reliable high-mast pole lighting system is critical to a 24/7 operation.

In 2019, we have a huge upgrade on our product line. The new flood lights come with better heat sink design, improved heatproof ability, higher energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

They are designed for heavy-duty high mast installation. No matter you are looking for new light installation on pole, or replacement of the HID (metal halide, halogen, HPS, mercury vapor flood lights), we can provide you with the LED light that best suit your needs. By filling in our form, you can enjoy our free lighting design service as well.

LED High Mast Tower Lights

1. Better Aerodynamics of LED Flood Lights for Safety

The mounting height of high mast light is up to 50 to 180 ft, or even higher. The wind pressure on the luminaires will be one of the safety risks. We can see the suspension bridge in Washington collapsed due to harmonic motion exerted by the strong wind. Since we are talking about 8 to 20 large panel flood lights mounted to the high mast pole, the air resistance will make the whole structure unstable if there is no special design on lighting.

We have the special aerodynamic design on the heat sink of high mast lights. First, there are gaps between LED strips. This open design allows air ventilation so the net force acted on the luminary body is greatly reduced. According to our study, the force due to wind is reduced up to 46%, and hence improve the stability in windy days. This feature is particularly essential for mobile high mast tower lights as the base of the winch is not permanently fixed.

Another concern is handling the heat generated inside the chip. The issue is that heat accumulation inside the LED will decrease the brightness (lumen depreciation), as well as the lifespan. External cooling fan is not a good option because frequent replacement is needed, and we have no idea on whether or not the fan is working. It would be impractical to climb up the high mast tower every day to see if it the fans are out of order.

To eliminate the use of cooling fan, we put a lot effort into improving the heat sink. We have a study on how the motion of air interactive with the heat sink. With the use of dense aluminum fins, the heat can be effectively dissipated to the surroundings as illustrated in our gas dynamic simulation.

We have a team of engineers striving to improve the technical design of the LED flood lights.

2. Improved Lighting Efficiency & Life Span After HID Replacement

Our third-party packaging enhances the luminous efficiency up to 20% when compared to our previous model, and thus the LED lights is more energy saving. The advantage is that we can save the running cost on lighting part. We can see a great reduction in running cost and maintenance rate after replacing the metal halide, HPS or other conventional lighting fixtures with our LED lights.

In addition, there is also an improvement in the lifespan. The lights last for around 30 years if they are turned on for 7 to 8 hours per day.

3. Waterproof Luminaires for Poles

Waterproof is an essential feature of high mast tower flood lights. Especially for harbor lighting, the salty mist near the coastal region will accelerate the corrosion of electronics if the lamps do not have sufficient protection.

Our LED has IP66 watertight design, so it is suitable for high mast installation. Besides, the outer shell is made of aluminum alloy, which gives a protective oxide layer to prevent corrosion.

4. Customized Components

It is reflected that bird nests on the high mast lights. It might be quite dangerous as the nest and eggs might fall down due to the slippery lamp body. To prevent this tragedy from happening, we can provide you with the light shield for the protruding part or irregularities. Contact us for more support.

5. DALI/DMX Control

DALI or DMX system is very useful to manipulate the LED lights on the high mast pole at once. After connecting our LED lights with the DALI gateway, we can turn on/off, & dim the lights in the computer, or other user interface. * Contact us for customization high mast lighting design service (free).

Cost of High Mast Lights

1. Running Cost of LED High Mast Lighting

How much does it cost to run the high mast lights? It is frequently asked before doing the LED replacement. In fact, it is one of the major incentives to retrofit the metal halide, halogen or HPS bulbs on the high pole because we can save up to % energy. Let’s have a look at the calculation below.

For a pole using 20 x 1000W LED lights, the running cost of high mast lights = (20 x 1000)W x 12 hours per day x $0.12 ÷ 1000 = $28.8 daily, $864 monthly, and $10,512 annually.

This calculation is for a single pole only, if the airport, seaport or other sports stadium have 20 poles, the daily electricity cost of running high mast pole flood lights would raise to $576, monthly $17,280, and yearly $210,240.

We can imagine that before the LED replacement, we will need around 60,000W metal halide or 200,000W per high mast pole to produce the more-or-less brightness of LED lights. The electricity cost is even higher – after LED halogen replacement, we can save up to $95,000 annual operating cost due to lighting per high mast pole.

Apart from saving your electricity bill, using LED lights can also reduce the energy consumption and thus carbon emission. Since they are lasts for such a long period of time, we can also reduce the disposal of luminaries!

2. High Mast Lamp Cost & Price List

We can save so much operating cost by retrofitting the HIDs with LEDs, but is it expensive to buy the LED high mast lamp? According to our market research, the price of high mast lights is summarized in the list below.

Power of High Mast LED LightsLamp Price on the MarketMetal Halide Replacement (Equivalent)Running Cost Saved After Replacement
100W$80 to $200200 to 400W50%
200W$160 to $400400 to 600W60%
400W$320 to $900800 to 1000W60%
500W$450 to $11001000 to 1500W65%
720W$600 to $15001200 to 1600W65%
1000W$850 to $25002000 to 5000W70%
2000W$1800 to $45004000 to 8000W70%
4000W$3500 to $80008000 to 10000W70%
10000W$9000 to $1500020000 to 40000W70%

The price range is quite wide. For instance, there is approx. 200% difference between maximum & minimum price of 1000W high mast lights.

3. Factors Affecting the Price of High Mast Lights

a. Country of Origin

The price can be vastly different for the LED lights that are made in US or China. It is because the labor cost, factory/office rent is much higher in US. Besides, the customs duty will be different when buying the high mast luminaires from different countries.

b. Product Quality

If someone offers you an unreasonable price says $50 per 100W LED light, they are probably selling you the shoody LED lights. The lights can be marked in such the incredibly low price maybe because they are using the LED chips having poor quality – the brightness declines quickly and the lights flicker. Also, they will try to overstated the power. Says, the actual power is 50W but they claim it is 100W.

Even you ask for the DIALux lighting design from those companies, you will never know you are receiving the shoddy goods until the lights are catching fire on the high mast pole.

To avoid the scam, we can select the LED companies that look professional & reliable. In additional, we can have a peek on the scale of the company by looking at their factory.

c. Selling Platform

Some may wish to buy the lights from third-party online shop. However, purchasing the high mast lights from the non-official store will increase your cost because the third-party websites impose a considerable amount of marketing fees, and this cost will be subjected to final customer.

To save cost on buying the high mast lights, we can purchase directly from their website. In addition, it is strongly recommended to contact the sales representatives because you can get the professional lighting advice.

d. R&D Cost

Although we invest a lot in research & development, we do not raise the price so much. It is because we strive to offer the high-quality, price-competitive LED lighting for high mast poles.

* The above information is just the estimation on the cost of the high mast lighting. Please feel free to contact our sales representative for the price.

For more details, contact us at email: [email protected]

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