LED marine lighting

Today, We will share one of our company’s new projects: LED marine lighting, fishing boat lighting.

This project is located in Greenland, first of all, I would introduce a Greenland this place bar. Greenland (Greenland Sea), located between Iceland, Greenland and Spitsbergen Is.. The cold currents in East Greenland and the dynamics of the Norwegian currents have a significant impact on the sea ice situation.

Fish resources are abundant, there are cod, herring, salmon, halibut, etc., but due to poor natural conditions, less fishing, only for nearby residents to eat. The fishing industry and the fish products processing industry are the main economic sectors. 1977 established 200 nautical mile fishery. 1997 Total fishing volume of about 121,000 tons, production value of more than 400 million CZK.

The main seafood is shrimp, Greenland halibut, cod and salmon. 1998 has a variety of fishing boats 441, of which 300 speedboats, tonnage of more than 20 tons of fishing boats 103. Recently many customers have bought our 1000w LED flood light, and sent us a project feedback map. The customer is very satisfied with our lamp, and wants to cooperate with our company for a long time. So come down and take a look at the advantages of the 1000w LED flood light used on this project.

New outdoor boat project finished installation. 1000W LED marine lights, no glare and high uniformity light effect .316 stainless steel bracket, anti-corrosion powder coating.

In such a bad cold weather, hope that our outdoor led flood lights can illuminate the way for the people in need. We will continue to develop new products, look forward to bring more surprises to everyone.

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