China tunnel lights

The tunnel is a kind of three-dimensional underground passage that is indispensable in perfecting the road system. Tunnels are buried in the formation, underwater or through a mountain of roads, pedestrians, bicycles, general road traffic, motor vehicles, rail traffic, canals or other specific services. The opening of the tunnel greatly improved the full coverage of the traffic road. With the tunnel, let’s travel more convenient and more open.

  The most important issue in the tunnel is the safety of the vehicle. During the day, the driver encounters the following visual problems when entering the tunnel: Just entering the tunnel Since the brightness outside the daytime tunnel is much higher than inside the tunnel, if the tunnel is long enough, The crew saw a dark hole, which is the “black hole” phenomenon; if the tunnel is short, a “black box” appears in front of the driver. After entering the tunnel from a bright exterior into a dark tunnel, the visual will have some time to adapt, and then you can see the inside of the tunnel, a phenomenon called “adaptive lag phenomenon.”

A very bright exit at the exit of the tunnel will produce a strong glare to the driver, making it hard to see the road and prone to a car accident. China tunnel lights is usually divided into entrance lighting, interior lighting and exit lighting. One of the more stringent requirements of the entrance lighting requirements from the outside world with similar brightness gradually reduced.

Specifically, the brightness of daytime tunnel entrance lighting is determined by the brightness outside the tunnel, the speed of the vehicle, the field of view at the entrance, and the length of the tunnel. In order to solve the “black hole effect” or “white-hole effect” caused by the sudden change of brightness when the vehicle enters or exits the tunnel, a new type of LED tunnel lamp has been developed with soft and non-glare tunnel light supplier. With the professional optical design, it is effective Avoids the visual conflict brought by the vehicles entering and leaving the tunnel.

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