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How To Choose A Good Table Tennis Led Lighting?
Mar 05, 2018

Table tennis is very important for our country, but also hope that more people participate in table tennis, table tennis is based on building a good tennis hall, a good table tennis also need to have good table tennis lighting, then the problem, the table tennis hall lighting what exactly election, modern table tennis has a large small and medium sized, more like a family playing table tennis, but more specifically set up a room as a table tennis room, which The height is very low, but the light is often not good.

Let Zhihai Power Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaobian recommend a table tennis court lighting, the lighting features are as follows:

500w table tennis lighting-1.jpg

1, lamps and lanterns high luminous efficiency, energy-saving effect.

2, the system of high luminous efficiency, compared with ordinary white-woven lamp, energy-saving 90%, saving more than 50% of ordinary energy-saving lamps;

3, the other is the use of high-quality LED sports lighting for table tennis, high brightness, long life, heat a small, life expectancy up to 50,000 hours or more;

4, fast response, without preheating, instantly start lighting;

5, solid-state light source, good shock resistance, easy to transport and install, with high safety;

6, the third color of the lamp high color index, very close to the natural light, lighting comfort;

7, color temperature optional, can achieve various types of environments require different light color lighting;

8, light-emitting angle, light-emitting directional, easy to control the light, effectively improve the lighting efficiency;

9, green, no flicker, low glare, eliminate eye fatigue, and no mercury pollution, is the preferred light source of green.