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How To Design Basketball Court Lighting With 200w Led Flood Light?
Mar 07, 2018

Standard basketball court LED lighting program

The program lamps are mainly applicable to: outdoor basketball court suggested that the use of units: enterprises / institutions staff stadium, stadiums, schools, other outdoor venues. Stadium game venue Specifications: Length: 28 meters, width: 15 meters (standard size)

baketball court lighting.jpg

  1. Basketball court single venue lighting design program: 1. Program Description: Applicable: Fee court, business stadium, school or basketball court lighting: 2 ×200w LED floodlights, 6 sets, 2. Layout method (see Lighting layout plan): 6 sets of lamps evenly distributed on both sides, to ensure that the entire basketball court lighting the game area, and achieve uniform illumination effect, can be general competitions (urban level), the team training requirements.