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How To Design Indoor Basketball Court Lighting With 400w Led Flood Light?
Mar 02, 2018

Basketball court lights: in the field of lighting subdivision is the scope of sports lighting, stadium lights is a kind of, including outdoor basketball courts, indoor basketball court lighting known, lighting is the use of spotlights, floodlights and other special lamps, Technical indicators to consider more illumination, uniformity, glare and so on.

 Structure mainly by the basketball court lighting, light pole, metal halide lamp electrical 3 most of the composition.

Basketball court standard size: 28 meters long * 15 meters wide, an area of 420 square meters

 LED lighting on indoor and outdoor basketball courts illumination standards: the requirements of high illumination, good color rendering, good uniformity, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) Recommended:

 1, training mode: the international recommended value is 150Lx, 200Lx, 300Lx, CIE recommended value is 300Lx.

basketball court lighting.jpg

 2, the game mode: the international recommended value is 500Lx, 750Lx, CIE recommended value is 500Lx.

 3, outdoor basketball court illumination recommendations: training mode 150lx-200lx, competition mode 250lx-300lx. Lx (lux) is the unit of illumination.

  Applicable: residential, square, school or training venues using lamps: 2 * 400w

Flood light pole Description: 8 meters, 114 hot dip galvanized straight bar, thickness 3.5MM

Arrangement: six sets of lamps are located on both sides, the main area of exposure focused on the basketball court area to ensure the basketball court offensive zone lighting, to ensure that the general competition, the team training requirements.