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LED Spot Lights Widely Used
Jun 16, 2017

With the extensive use of high-power LED lighting in the lighting industry, LED secondary light distribution lens production has become a new industry, LED Spot Lights so that optical mold has been a great development. Uneven wall thickness plus a lot of optical free surface is a typical feature of optical LED spotlight lens products, in addition to the requirements of the appearance of quality and size requirements, the optical performance there are very high requirements, such as: lens spot, lens efficiency As well as the angle of the lens. The requirements of these products on the mold requirements have become more demanding, the rationality of the mold structure directly affect the production efficiency, product quality and cost. In the test mode often found that adjust the injection process parameters to achieve a qualified product is very difficult, the mold structure must be optimized design.

The maximum installation diameter of the product is φ35 mm, the total height is 17 mm, the overall quality

The amount of 8 g, the minimum wall thickness of only 0.27 mm, the maximum wall thickness of about 11 mm. Products on both sides of the upper and lower sides and the center are open, and for the optical surface, are not suitable for opening the gate, so only choose side gate. As the overall quality of the product is small, consider the use of injection molding machine and production efficiency, so set up a cavity eight cavity. LED Spot Lights Partial surface selection On the maximum mounting side, the push rod can be arranged around the mounting ring. Product surface has a higher optical requirements, so choose excellent polishing performance S136. Due to the high cost of the material and the commonality of the product, it is necessary to select the form of the molded part for the whole inlay. Customers have requirements, can only choose cold runner mold to control the mold cost.

Long flow of the mold has a lot of drawbacks, mainly reflected in the following two aspects.

(1) waste of raw materials. In the mold cost control, LED Spot Lights the control of raw materials is a large part, and for the cold runner mold, the main waste material is reflected in the pouring system above the condensate. The small diameter of the main flow path is a nozzle diameter constant, the taper is determined by the fluidity of the material. The diversion channel diameter will also be affected by the main channel. So in the case of mass production, the mainstream channel is a great waste of material.

(2) process than the impact of large injection molding process parameters, increase the difficulty of trial mode. Mold forming the three major process parameters for the time, LED Spot Lights temperature and pressure. The temperature includes the mold temperature and the material temperature, the material temperature and the temperature of the mold are mainly determined by the viscosity of the material, and the influence of the flow channel structure is relatively small. Molding time, injection time and cooling time are mainly affected by the size, LED Spot Lights thickness, mold temperature and gate number of the product. But the injection pressure is largely affected by the length of the runner. (1) can be seen, the injection pressure and flow length is proportional to the increase in the length of the flow, the required injection (Figure 1) can be seen, injection pressure and flow length is proportional to the increase in flow length, the required injection The pressure is also a corresponding increase in the injection of the general use of pressure in the injection, because too high injection pressure is easy to make the machine overload phenomenon, LED Spot Lights the injection molding machine will produce too much energy consumption, increase injection costs.