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LED Street Light Favorable Prospects For Development
Oct 17, 2017

The average illuminance of road surface is one of the evaluation indexes of urban vehicle traffic road and sidewalk road illumination, and also is an important reference index of street lamp configuration. LED Street Light A city road to be configured or replaced with LED street light, technology first involves lighting the relevant indicators of calculation. It is a simple and effective method to calculate the "using coefficient" method. Some emerging skills and trends will change consumer behaviour and force businesses to adapt or die. Analysts liken these innovations to an earth-shaking change that will allow the decline of Polaroid's imaging cameras to make Wal-Mart rise.

The creative destruction of the 8 industries that Goldman Sachs analysts call creative destruction means that they are large enough and disruptive to be able to reconstruct the industry and attract more and more investors. These eight creative destruction industries are electronic smoke, LED Street Light cancer immunotherapy, reinsurance industry, natural gas engine skills, Internet software, 3D printing, large data, LED lights.

Among them LED street lamp industry, according to the industry organization 2014 Global LED street lamp installs the Quantity data computation manifestation, the current global street lamp installs the quantity about 200 million, among them Europe about 65 million, accounted for more than 30, the United States about 44 million, accounted for about more than 20, Japan about more than 4 million, Our country is about 33 million, LED Street Light the world accounts for more than 16.

In recent years, China led street lighting market penetration rate (Installation quantity) in the continuous upgrade, 2011 years over 7, 2012 to one, 2013 LED street Market penetration rate of about 19, shopping malls around 14 billion yuan. According to the preliminary calculation, LED Street Light to 2015 China LED Street Lamp Mall scale of about 23 billion yuan; At that time, the overall market penetration rate of LED road lamps in China will exceed 45, and shopping malls have huge space.

The LED lighting device project is also being popularized in Europe, where the UK process is rapid. London has recently launched its largest street lighting modernisation project to date, with the programme by 2016 replacing about 35,000 of the 52,000 lights used in its city street lighting with LED lights. LED Street Light In addition, the other regions of the United Kingdom in 2013 also opened a wide range of plans, large-planning equipment LED lights.

Edinside statistics found that in 2013, LED Street Light Guangdong Province, a large number of standard cases still concentrated in the economy developed, the financial strength of the relatively strong Pearl River Delta Urban agglomeration of the six central cities. And the number of more than 12 also has a substantial increase in the field of outdoor public lighting, LED lighting has now entered the harvest period, after the completion of the facelift, LED Street Light the new demand for coastal cities will slow down. Guangdong 2013 LED Street lamp installed capacity of at least 300,000, and 1h14 will enter the lamp-intensive installation period.

As for the emerging markets such as India, LED Street Light Russia, South-East Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand), Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia) and Australia, led outdoor lighting related policies and replacement projects are increasingly stressed.