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LED Street Light Optical Indicators - Illuminance
Oct 19, 2017

Luminous flux is the main parameter of an LED street lighting, that is, LED Street Light the sum of the amount of visible light emitted by the light source every second. It is the choice of solar street light led light source is a very important parameter

 "Luminous flux (Luminous flux) from the human perception that is the human eye can feel the radiation power, it is equal to a unit of time within a band of radiation energy and the band of the relative visual rate of the product due to the different Wavelength light relative visual rate is different, LED Street Light so different wavelengths of light radiation power is equal, the luminous flux is not equal.

The luminous flux (φ) is defined as the energy emitted by a point light source or a non-point light source in a unit time, which produces a visible person (the radiation flux that a person can sense),LED Street Light which is called a luminous flux. The luminous flux unit is lumen (lm), lumens (lumen or lm) is defined as an international standard candle light source in the unit of three-dimensional arc angle through the luminous flux, LED Street Light the entire spherical area of 4πR2, so the first-class luminous flux is equal to a candle The luminous flux of 1 / 4π, or spherical 4π, so in accordance with the definition of lumen that a cd point light source will radiate 4π lumens, that is, φ (lumens) = 4πI (candle), assuming △ Ω is a small three-dimensional arc Angle, LED Street Light △ △ solid angle within the luminous flux △ φ, then △ φ = △ ΩI

Illumination is a physical term, which is defined as the amount of luminous flux received by the illuminated area of the illuminated object, or the luminosity per unit area per unit time of the illuminated object, in meters or feet Candlelight (ftc) said

The illuminance of the body is related to the luminous intensity of the light source and the distance between the body and the light source, regardless of the color, surface properties and surface area of the body.

1) A foot candle is a light source (a point light source or a non-point light source) that is one foot away from a candle light and is illuminated on the surface perpendicular to the light, LED Street Light abbreviated as 1 ftc (1 lm / ft2, lumens / feet 2), that is, the luminous flux received per square foot is 1 lumens, and 1ftc = 10.76 lux

2) One meter candle refers to the distance from a candle light source (point light source or non-point light source) one meter away and the light perpendicular to the surface of the light, known as lux (lux, also written as lx), that is, The received light flux is 1 lumens when the illumination (lumens / m 2)