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The Application Of Led Flood Light In Stadium Lighting?
Feb 11, 2018

"Thirteen-Five" period only China's sports venues lighting for LED lighting and intelligent control of the new demand will reach more than 15 billion yuan, at the same time the traditional venues lighting led transformation needs of more than 10 billion yuan.   

In the next few years, the number of stadiums in China will continue to increase, which shows that the construction of sports venues in China is still at a rapid development stage. Because the stadium illumination area is big, the scope is big, the functional requirements of sports lighting are very high, especially for the sports venues with television broadcast on the functional requirements of the lighting is higher, if the use of traditional lighting in stadiums, a large number of lighting costs are high, instead of LED lighting can save energy costs, more important is to save replacement costs.  

1000W LED Sports Floodlight.jpg 

With the rapid development of LED lighting application, the application of LED in the stadium lighting has aroused more and more people's attention. LED lighting with its small power consumption, color quality adjustable, flexible control, instantaneous ignition and other unique characteristics, more suitable for led sports lighting.   

As sports venues to match and television broadcast, so the requirements of the led flood lighting is very high, the stability of LED lighting, glare, stroboscopic and other issues need to be further in-depth discussion. So far, a number of new and rebuilt stadiums and gymnasiums have adopted LED lighting, especially training venues, such as the National Sports administration training venues, Olympic Sports Center training venues, workers Stadium football pitches, The sports venues at Shantou University and Michigan State University in the United States have adopted LED staium lighting, and the venues are starting to use LED lighting, such as the NRG Stadium in the United States, the PNC Stadium, the British Chelsea football stadium and the EKinox Stadium in France.