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What Are The Features Of Sports Venue Lighting?
Apr 23, 2018

Professional competition nature needs professional venues to do support, 10 years China has also built/transformed hundreds of sports venues for athletes and fitness staff to provide the highest quality infrastructure! 

The most prominent feature of sports venues is professionalism, focus, especially the lighting requirements are particularly obvious! No matter the movement, can not leave the light support , small to table tennis, big to basketball, for the lights are very dependent on, can be said that the lighting is the key to judge a venue good or bad! 

In the field of sports stadium lighting, truly professional, focus on these two words of the enterprise few, more is impostors! Now the lighting industry is more commonly used lighting mainly metal halide lamps and LED lights, where the metal halide lamp for various reasons in recent years, the use rate has been reduced, and LED lights by virtue of its unique quality product advantages, is soaring into industry leaders. But some LED lighting enterprises impostors, do not follow the common sense of licensing, seriously affecting the entire industry's reputation! 

sports venue lighting.jpg

For LED sports lights, key words should fall in sports, because not all LED lights are applicable to sports competitions, only professional for sports lighting design is the future of sports lighting industry! Some enterprises are shoddy, The home LED light simple modification, it is to promote their own LED sports lights, and put into the market, such behavior whether it is the enterprise itself, the lamp arena, or athletes, are extremely irresponsible behavior! 

In the field of sports venue lighting, outdoor venues and indoor venues have a considerable difference in the lights, and small balls such as: table tennis, tennis and ball, such as: Football, basketball, volleyball, these sports require exclusive lighting, a single sports lighting can not meet the needs of the game! A sports lighting field is so complex, other areas?