LED Sports Venue Lighting

Sports venue lighting construction, in the design of the stadium, to enable athletes to accurately determine the ball, height and placement, the first is to maximize the use of natural light, the effect of natural light is the best, of course, to prevent glare, can not let off Strong light is directed or reflected in the eye.

 Second is the increase in the stability of the illumination and the uniformity of the distribution. This is important not only for the athletes to achieve excellent results, but also for the accurate judgment of the referee and the appreciation of the audience.

LED Stadium lighting, some of the arena is still dominated by metal halide lamps, both of which have a dazzling problem, especially when the lobs are connected, the lights will be dazzling, so that the players can not see the ball The course. 

The direction of the construction of the sports venue lighting, the down angle of the lamp not only affects the vertical illuminance, but also may have a greater glare effect on the athletes, spectators and referees.

For the lighting design of the stadium, should choose the direction of the lighting In addition, the proportion of light from the main camera and the other side should be controlled within a certain range, and the most important lighting is set in the central and restricted areas of the football stadium. There are many sports lighting companies, razorlux Lighting has lighting for stadium lighting.

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